El arte milenario de la salud y la armonía
El origen del Tai Chi o “Tai Ji” es el mismo TAO. Su filosofia fue expuesta en la China, basado en el libro de las mutaciones, el: I CHING. El TAO Tambien fue practicado en otros puntos de esta esfera, como entre los Mayas y los Inkas. El Tai Chi siendo una de las 33 mil formas que tiene el Tao de ayudar al ser humano, actua positivamente en los organos internos, en la oxigenacion de las celulas, en los tejidos muslares, en una mejor circulacion sanguínea. Ayuda a los pulmones en su funcion organica, etc. etc. El practicante adquiere armonia, alegría artistica y descondenza el ‘stress’, que es uno de los factores perjudiciales de la salud.

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Video de danza de Tai Chi por Monjes Taoista del Templo Vegetal Sakroakuarius en Ecuador
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TAI CHI , Preparation by: Pedro M. Vizcaino
In this day I would tray to explain what is mean ‘Tai Ji ‘, or Tai Chi.

Tai Chi en these days help and lighten up the lives of more and more people, who are to subdue to stressing style of life that drove of most of them crazy. So, to the common point of view of this practice, Tai Chi means MOVEMENT MEDITATION, but there are more that this discipline wrapped up with this definition: and I would tray to spell it out.
Tai Chi is the complete balance between yin and yang.
Yin means Moon, the negative force or electro force.
Yang means Sun, the positive force or the positron energy.
The yin and yang symbols, some time are called the TAI JI symbols and they come from I CHING and this last ones, comes from NATURE.
I Ching means a profound book, or the book of changes. Change is equal MUTATION.
Then let me draw the “Mandala” or the symbol of Tai Ji.
When we recognize this symbol, we are recognizing the symbol of the TAO of the China,And some similar is the symbol of the Mayas HUNAB KU, and in the same way is the geometric distribution of the urban sacred city of the Incas in Peru.
Please don’t let this ideas throw you off. Really it is not easy to explain what Tai Chi means and for my experience let me pin down in simple words: Tai Chi is the gentile, beautiful and amazing forms of move energy in the body. Is the linked moment of our energy with the energy of the Nature? Tai Chi is an art. One of China Martial Arts But is the internal martial art. Centuries ago, only Master of Martial Arts, becomes a practices of internal martial arts and Tai Chi is one of the four of them.
Now Tai Chi becomes more popular and it is for all ages.
Where and when you can practice Tai Chi?
The recommendation is to practice inside or near of the nature elements: air, plants, water, and in the morning receiving the first sun rays. I know in the urban life, it is some difficult to fallow these recommendations, but you can make your own room for this practice in your house, with special music that encompass your movements, but if you fell cooped up in a small apartment, get around and search for the nearest park and practice. It is true; you have to learn Tai Chi from a master first. In New Jersey we are teaching Tai Chi in North Hudson Park and you will be welcome to practice with us.
In conclusion, you can bowl your self over when you practice Tai Chi and shifted gears in your stile of life. Tai Chi practice brings to all, young and elders, balance, harmony and if you have health problems, Tai Chi probably fix it up for you. When some circumstances of life start wreak havoc in your life, or you are wrangle over emotionally with other people, Tai Chi can set aside all this problems and you will start calm down looking in some other possibilities, better ways and with open mid you will get along easy with new friends, and new style of life. Then, take a chance yourself and not pass it up the opportunity of learn Tai Chi. Soon, with some discipline and when you fell that you are falling for Tai Chi, it will paid off in a good health, balance in your life and progress in all ways.
I promise you will became fond of with the practices, like me, that Tai Chi is my life, one of the real form to find the TAO.
Thank You, Any questions?